We help individuals, teams and organizations create lasting positive change.

Executive Coaching & Leadership

Our Executive Coaching & Leadership clients lead their teams, organizations and businesses with commitment and purpose. Clients seek to gain the clarity, skills and tools they need to translate their vision into action. Our

customized Executive Coaching & Leadership practice builds on decades of experience designing and leading innovative partnerships and programs around the world. We help our clients to lead courageously, build thoughtful and engaged teams and positively shape organizations, businesses and communities with global impact. In support of Executive Coaching & Leadership work, we offer 360 Assessments and other tools that build greater awareness and capacity for our clients to lead their teams and organizations.

Team Development

We believe teams are built, not born. Creating a thriving mission-driven team can be tough in the best of circumstances. We work with organizations big and small to design and support highly successful, creative and resilient teams. We develop and facilitate workshops and group coaching sessions that give our clients the tools

to build and manage vibrant and effective teams.

Strategic Facilitation

Conversations can be complex to navigate and the time spent in meetings and workshops is precious. We help ensure that our clients’ goals are met and energy well spent by facilitating conversations, workshops and meetings that matter. We work with our clients to design interactions that meet their goals—whether launching a new team,

tackling a difficult conversation with a staff or Board member, or aligning a business around a new strategy. We handle the details, so our clients can focus their energy and attention on the work at hand.

Individual Coaching

Our Individual Coaching clients are people just like you. They are thoughtful and engaged scientists, activists, entrepreneurs, parents, academics, business owners, teachers, retirees, doctors, non-profit leaders, and architects, to name a few. Our clients come to us seeking clearer purpose, better balance and more fulfilling connections in

their lives. Many clients are facing a transition where what worked in the past isn’t working any more or there is a big step or shift ahead. Through one-on-one coaching, our clients gain fresh insight, renewed confidence and new skills that make change possible and lead to greater success, balance and joy.


“Sarah helped me find and develop my strength as a leader. As I transition to a new role, Sarah’s personalized approach got me to dig deep and enabled me to strengthen my role and impact in my new organization.”

Sharmila Mhatre, PhD
Deputy Director, Public Health Program
Open Society Foundations
New York, New York, USA
“Working with Sarah has been a deeply transformative and joyous process for me. As a humanitarian and entrepreneur, I tend to feel overstretched and overcommitted. Sarah’s emotional intelligence and ability to tap into one’s emotions has been both profoundly nurturing and genuinely empowering for me. She has helped me channel my energy more effectively by giving me concrete tools and walking me through exercises, which lead to rapid breakthroughs. As a result, I have been able to align my personal and professional priorities more effectively and discern where I have been wasting valuable energy. Her coaching has not only helped carve out a new path, which merge my personal and professional goals, but has had some unexpected positive ripple effects throughout my life. I’m deeply grateful for her knowledge and expertise. It’s one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever offered myself.”

Jill Van den Brule
Global Development Consultant and Entrepreneur
Brussels, Belgium
“Sarah has a natural ability to help others put life’s biggest questions in perspective. She’s helped me take stock of both personal and professional goals, and offered insights on creating a personal path towards achieving those goals. She’s helped me realize that finding balance requires equal parts patience, creativity, and a sense of adventure! I truly enjoy our time together.”

Heather White, PhD
Technical Adviser, Noncommunicable Diseases
PSI, Washington, D.C., USA
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