We help our clients make smart decisions to achieve the greatest impact.

Strategy Development

We work with clients to develop thoughtful, informed mission-driven strategies that improve our clients’ capacity and effectiveness. Our strategy work helps clients better define priorities, focus energy and identify concise actions and resources that will turn purpose and passion into impactful solutions.

Innovation Design

We work with our clients to tackle complex product and process design challenges. Our team offers insightful approaches, tools and practices that transform seemingly difficult design and development processes and streamline the time and resources required for new products and services to be developed and put to use.


We support seasoned experts and emerging leaders build thriving organizations and fulfilling careers. Through our tailored approach, we help individuals and teams achieve extraordinary results with renewed focus, the skills needed to navigate an increasingly complex global landscape and clarity required for success. Learn more.


We work with organizations big and small to ensure that teams are effective and achieve their highest potential. We support our clients both internally—to strengthen their teams—and externally—to provide strategic facilitation of important meetings and events. Learn more.

Stakeholder and Opportunity Mapping

We identify the optimal partners and opportunities to meet our clients’ goals. By mobilizing our national and global networks, we conduct in-depth research, analysis and outreach to position our clients for effective engagement and impact.

Catalytic Philanthropy

We identify opportunities for high-impact investments and provide strategic guidance and support to align partnerships and funding priorities with philanthropic goals.

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Photo by Lindsay Stark